Try Addiction Counselors USA for Finding an Addiction Counselor Near You

Addiction Counselors USA is a new way to connect those with drug, alcohol, and sexual addictions with professional addiction counselors currently available to take on new clients.

Our main focus with any of our directory websites is to provide you with the most accurate profile content and the most current contact information available for our member participants.

There are several ways to find the perfect family therapy provider in your area, including:

1. Click the Find Addiction Counselors button on the top navigation
2. Select from participating addiction counselors by state or specific name on the left column
3. Enter your specific need into the general search area in the top left corner search box

Several of our addiction counselors provide their services by Skype. So, even if your perfect addiction counselor may be in another state or far away city, contact them anyway and see if they would be able to meet with you using an alternative form of communication.

If you are an addiction counselor seeking new clients, please visit our Add Counselor Profile section for sign-up details.

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